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Memory Foam was developed by NASA to decrease pressure caused by the high G-Force experienced during the take-off of manned space flights. Today it is used in a variety of medical and home products to reduce pressure in mattress and bedding products. Memory foam is a polyurethane foam with additional chemicals added to it that increase foam density and, therefore, support. Initially this memory foam was very expensive to make, but today it has become affordable. Memory Foam used by Back2Sleep is the next generation of super premium memory foam because of its high quality, superior ability to conform to the body's shape, and the ability to comfortably provide maximum support. Our manufacturer pours all of the memory foam used in our bedding products. Competitive products are often subcontracted to foam brokers, thereby causing large inconsistencies in quality, feel, and support. Last year, in independent testing, Our Memory Foam was rated "superior" when compared with other memory foam Products. Memory foam is a heat activated product that is firmer when cold and shapes perfectly to body shaping when warm.

In order to achieve different comfort levels, Back2Sleep Memory Foam uses variable densities of foam. This allows more variance in comfort levels while still providing maximum support. The density of the Memory Foam varies from 3 lbs. to 5lbs. depending on the model.

Back2Sleep is the only Bedding Company that adds NanoSilver, Green Tea, and Activated Charcoal to ALL mattresses. Back2Sleep provides the comfort of Memory Foam, with the antibacterial technology of NanoSilver, and the health benefits of natural Green Tea and Activated Charcoal. At Back2Sleep, you'll get high-quality, discount mattresses with sales daily and free shipping in the Continental U.S.


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