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  • Why does my new Back2Sleep mattress have a slight odor?
Your mattress may have a slight odor remaining from our unique manufacturing process. This is normal and completely harmless and will dissipate within a few days.

  • How is Back2Sleep Bedding different from other Memory Foam?

Back2Sleep uses a unique process that NO other manufactures uses. We incorporate Green Tea, Charcoal and Silver Science into all of our mattresses while using a combination of Visco Memory Foam and Latex to create a superior layer that acts as a support layer beneath the Green Tea Memory Foam.

  • How does the Back2Sleep mattresses react to different temperatures?

Your Back2Sleep mattress will feel softer or less firm as temperatures rise and feel more firm and less soft as temperatures fall below 60 degrees in the room that your mattress is placed in. All Memory Foam material is temperature sensitive, so temperatures may affect the feel of your mattress. Very warm and humid weather may make the mattress feel softer, while very cold weather may make the mattress slightly firmer.

  • How long does it take to get used to a Memory Foam mattress?

Many people are completely comfortable on Memory Foam Mattress. right away. People who have been sleeping on inner spring mattresses, may need some time to adjust to the unique pressure relieving feel of the mattress Many people have claimed a Memory Foam Mattress has a floating fealing.

  • Will a Memory Foam Mattress make me hot?

Absolutely NOT ! Memory Foam material is self-ventilating and therefore have cells that are open and breathable. Innerspring mattresses cause pressure points and help to cut off circulation, Memory Foam material relieves pressure resulting in better circulation.

  • Is it more difficult to change position with Memory Foam?

The slow recovery of the Memory Foam mattress to its original shape after conforming to your exact body contours is one that must take place each time you change the positions. It is imperative that the mattress conform to your body to relieve pressure and reduce the need to change position and therefore elimintate tossing and turning.

  • My Back2Sleep mattress feels softer than when I first bought it. Is it defective ?

The Memory Foam Mattress naturally undergoes an adjustment period as Back2Sleep Mattresses are compressed and rolled in order to facilitate delivery Some cells may have remained closed after the manufacturing process. Once the mattress is fully opened and cells become decompressed, the Mattress will become more responsive to temperature and weight with continued use. The softening process of Memory Foam may occur more rapidly in the areas where you most frequently sleep as those cells are being manipulated more regularly.

  • Why does my mattress feel very firm and cold sometimes, and soft and more responsive other times?

Memory Foam material is temperature sensitive, so environmental temperatures can affect the feel of the mattress. Memory Foam Bedding has unique properties which are designed to work for each individual size, shape, and weight and will adjust to your own personal body temperature no matter what temperature.

  • Is there an adjustment period with the Memory Foam Mattress?

Like all new mattresses, it may take a while to become accustomed to the unique feeling of Memory Foam. Most people are very comfortable on the first night while others may need a few nights to adjust to the unique feeling of Memory Foam.

  • Can I use my existing Box Spring or Foundation?

An old or defective foundation may cause the appearance of an indentation. A box spring will cause your Memory Foam Mattress to sag due to the coils that are inside the Box Spring. To determine if the defect is in the mattress or in the support, you can place your mattress on the floor. Your mattress should return to proper flatness and support when placed on the floor if the Platform Foundation is at fault.



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